How to change a Netlify Identity user email address?

Hello! How is changing a user’s email address supported through either the Netlify Identity widget or gotrue client?

I see there is an email template for confirming the change, but I can’t see how to trigger it.

Brett shows the only way I am aware of to trigger such a change. Our functions have the administrative access needed to achieve that, so you’d need to run something like that code in a function to accomplish your goals.

Thank you for the reply. That gotrue JS function was exactly what I used.

It turned out to be very easy as I only need to allow logged in users to request their own email change. So, no need to call that from a function. I created my own UI that ultimately calls the update function on the user object.

When I first read the documentation I had thought the update function only allowed metadata to be updated. But the example clearly shows the email address being updated.

Thanks again