How to call GET /.netlify/git/github/contents/?

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For Github:

Unable to call GET /.netlify/git/github/contents/

It is not working or maybe I am doing something wrong
Services: (Having below statement)
Netlify’s Git Gateway connects your site to GitHub’s API. This allows users of tools like NetlifyCMS to work with content, branches, and pull requests without needing a GitHub account.

How exactly I can get the pull requests info specially BASE BRANCH NAME dynamically and highlighted things.

Some extra info:
I generated GitHub API access token dynamically but I have to manually past in environment file to get token in netlify.toml(command).
I do not want to past github token in environment.
By this token I can get pull request info means BASE BRANCH NAME.

We don’t provide tech support for this usage of git_gateway. You are welcome to download the code, and try it out on your own machine and see if you can get things working, of course, since it is open source :slight_smile: