How to access IP address in my backend

i have my site, its hosted on netlify (I don’t it will be working since my API is down)

But the problem is following. I am trying receive Users IP or country but the requests are SSR. Which means I get servers IP. How to can I pass actual users IP or country

These are headers in my backend I get. Is there headers file I have to redirects? Thank you.

Hi, @Alex_Kren. Based on the screenshot above, the IP address of the client is the value in the x-forwarded-for header (

Its servers IP i believe? I want to get real users who makes the request

Why not try making a request yourself and see if you get your own IP there? We don’t know your setup or your user to make any useful claims here.

I dont i get servers IP thats the thing. And I am asking how could I get the IP or pass it to backend who actually triggered the requests. Because lets say I go to site I make some requests in server side. the IP would be always the server

As Luke mentioned, x-forwarded-for should be the client’s IP, but if not, Netlify provides the client’s IP to your Functions: Functions API reference | Netlify Docs. But since you’re using a framework, that might or might not give you access to Netlify’s API, and thus, you might not be able to use it directly.