How much storage is available in /tmp using Netlify functions?

Hi all, I’ve been looking around for a documented answer to this question but I don’t see it anywhere.

I know Lambda provides between 512 mb and 10,240 mb storage in an ephemeral /tmp directory that can be written to in the course of a function, but it’s unclear how much is available through Netlify Functions’ configuration. Does anyone know the answer?

I’m working on a process that uses a good deal of storage and knowing where that cutoff is will help me give the most correct guidance to our users. Let me know if you know!

Hey @ewags

Looking at this thread I would say ~500MB is the limit.

However, functions have a standard execution time of 10 seconds (max 26sec upon request) so writing/processing that amount in such a short time wouldn’t work (I should think.) If using background functions though, possibly feasible.