How long does it usually take to deploy?

Hello, this is my first deployment. I started deployment about an hour ago. It’s been almost two hours, and the Deployment Log only has a loading sign, and it still says “Deployment in progress for my site”. My deployment method was Drag & Drop.

My folder structure is just the same as I was working on VS Code. I didn’t make a public or src folder.

My final folder, which containes indx.html file, has a capacity of 215MB. Maybe it takes a long time because there are a lot of files. In this situation, how long does it usually take?

I suggest using Drag & Drop isn’t the best solution for your project in this instance. Deploying from git or using Netlify CLI are better options.

Thank you for your reply. But since I’m already working on the deployment, I’d like to finish this. When will this be done? Should I just cancel and use those methods?

How long do those ways usually take?

It probably won’t finish. It is likely stuck (see: [Support Guide] My drag and drop deploy is stuck in "Uploading" status)

Depends on size/number of files, but a “short” period of time.

Hey @CinnamonPan

Dig is correct, realistically for a project like this using git, or the Netlify CLI would be a better approach. Typically deployments are pretty short (<10 minutes, although it can vary). If the deploy hasn’t happened in 10 minutes it’s stuck and won’t actually finish.