How do I redirect from / to some other page?

I have an issue redirecting / to /other-page. All other redirects work flawlessly, but it seems like this redirect rule is ignored (my redirects are in netlify.toml)

    from = "/"
    to = "/other-page"

Do any of you have any idea how I might go about this?

Is your redirect maybe conflicting with another redirect? In that case it might be ignored:

I would not expect it to be? It is the very first redirect rule, and all subsequent redirect rules are like /foo /foo/bar, /foo/bar/baz etc. Not a single root redirect (either from or to "/")

Hi, @praffn. If you have an index.html in the base of the publish directory then shadowing behavior means no redirect will occur.

To override that shadowing behavior, make the status for the rule 200! or 301! (instead of 200 or 301).

If that doesn’t work, please let us know the URL which isn’t redirecting and we will take a closer look.