How do I change the netlify default sub domain to my site’s sub domain

The primary domain for my website is set, but when I click on any link on the homepage, it redirects me to the netlify sub-domain.
Kindly guide me on how to redirect the netlify default sub-domain to a sub-domain of my choice that is suited for the site.

@storeyes1995 Welcome to the Netlify Community.

You should be able to set the default in the Domains section of your Netlify dashboard for that website.

@greygraven I have it working for my primary domain. The sub domain is the problem as it redirects back to the default netlify sub domain.

Hey @storeyes1995, not the case for me! Can you make sure you’ve cleared any local caching and give it another go?

@Pie how do I clear cache? I use manual deployment.

Hey @storeyes1995,

I mean, clearing the cache in your web browser :slight_smile:

If you provide the site name or app ID, we can take a look at the config too.

Oh okay. Will give that a try.
Site name:

Just wanted to make sure we were looking at the same site :slight_smile:

Your NS records look fine to me! I’m almost certain it’s a local issue.

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@Pie thanks man. It was certainly a local issue :slightly_smiling_face:

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