Host react and node and MySQL database

I want to host react application
Node js with express server
Also I want to know if you have MySQL database?
Do you provide ssl for online payment?
Do you provide domain email?

You probably wouldn’t host using an express server if you hosted on Netlify.
You would run a “build” to output your react bundle as static files and have Netlify deploy that to the CDN.

If you did need dynamic functionality at runtime you would use

If for whatever reason you do want to run an a long running express server, then you would need to host it elsewhere, like on Heroku.

No, Netlify do not provide MySQL databases.
You could still connect to one hosted elsewhere however, you would just do so either during your build, or via an API at runtime.

Yes, Netlify provide free SSL via Lets Encrypt, or your can install your own Cert.
The documentation is here

Netlify are not a mail provider.
You would configure the appropriate MX records in the DNS of your domain.