Homepage broken when publishing to Netlify

Hi everyone,

When i publish my site to Netlify my homepage appears broken - it looks like the CSS isn’t being loaded. The other pages on my live site however work fine which is strange. My site is built on Gatsby and everything works fine on my local host.

I am not getting any errors in the build output console so i’m scratching my head as to why this is happening.

My Netlify domain is: https://thirsty-fermi-fdeecf.netlify.com/

Any help or input would be appreciated.

Your CSS is embedded on the page, so it’s definitely there. In fact, you have no external style sheets on this page. It appears that the classes assigned to the various elements on your page are not in your style definitions. For example, your menu items at the top of the page have the bare / default browser style.

If it looks OK on your local machine, maybe there is a style sheet that is being used locally but not making it into the build because it’s not linked? Not certain how that could happen because there are no link errors, but I checked several of the classes called out on your page and did not find them in the CSS that is included on the page.

Thanks for your help gregraven. I just realized I’m not including the bootstrap class on my index page so that’s the reason it wasn’t working.

Thanks again.

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