High (TTFB) time to first byte

My website name:- https://prepcbse.in/

custom domain:- prepcbse.in

My website is failing google speed test :cry:

Initially i thought it’s due to my mistakes, i made my site as lite as possible, later i came to know that TTFB is majorly dependent on server and redirects.

My site do not have any redirect. As all of the visitor on my site are from india, i think that as your servers are in America due to such a huge distance i am facing TTFB issues.

Due to this i am loosing my rank in google search reasults please help me

as i use free netlify account can i use other CDNs like cloudflare, will it lead to suspension of my account. Please help me with this. I just want to improve my TTFB and reach and rank.

Page Speed Insights are unnaturally throttled for phones. Check the desktop view: PageSpeed Insights (web.dev)

So sir what can i do to improve speed for mobile. Can i use other cdns like cloudflare. Will it lead to ban?

Nothing. The server is not the problem, the test is. It’s throttled which makes it appear bad.

Not a ban, but we don’t recommend it:

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Thank you so much sir

glad you found your solution!