HELP Works locally, worked on Netlify but suddenly stoppen

I need advice to debug deploy

hi there, the error is undeniably this:

3:38:57 AM:  ERROR  Failed to compile with 1 errors10:38:57 AM
3:38:57 AM: This relative module was not found:
3:38:57 AM: * ../components/ClimateVideo.vue in ./src/router/index.js
3:38:57 AM:  ERROR  Build failed with errors.

usually, if a project builds locally but does not deploy correctly like this it is due to a case sensitivity issue:

does this apply here?

It did start work again after I deleted the ClimateVideo component in the router, but I still can’t get it to make sense, since I am doing this with a lot of components.
My guess is, I must have done something wrong when routerlinking it to a different component, but I have still not found any errors yet.

if you have other build errors, please feel free to post them again!