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Help with Gatsby Deployment Fail

Deployment failed for my Gatsby website. distracted-babbage-6da032

I’m getting this error message:
Command failed with exit code 1: CI=" npm run build

I have CI=" npm run build as my build command and I set the NODE_VERSION to 14.17.5 under Environment Variables. My publish directory is “public”. Not sure if it should say “build” instead? But it didn’t work with “build” there either.

Any help is much appreciated. Here is a portion of the deployment log:

Hi @EndofLine4

From what you have posted you are using

CI=" npm run build

as your build command (which is one double quote) when you should have

CI='' npm run build

(which is two single quotes.) Note the CI='' part is only required if you need to explicitly set CI to true or false. In most cases, you can set your build command to

npm run build

For future reference, please post the text of your deploy logs, not screenshots as the latter make it much harder to diagnose issues. The use of code blocks for commands is also advised.


Ahhh… that was it. :woman_facepalming:t6: :laughing:
It works now! Thanks so much for helping. :+1:t6: