Headless shopify c/o netlify & 11ty

hello beautiful humans

  • i’m looking into headless shopify (headless for performance purposes mostly)
  • and as i’m an eleventy lover so the idea is to use 11ty hosted on netlify
  • does anyone know of any examples 11ty-shopify sites or 11ty starters?
  • nb — netlify’s official swag shop is the kind of frontend & ui i’m dreaming of (just built with 11ty not gatsby)


There’s a ground-up, DIY blog post which might give you some steer. I can’t seem to recall any 11ty-specific stores from memory but I’m sure there’s some out there!



I can’t speak much to 11ty + Shopify personally, but I did find this repo that might be useful to you, there are a few blog posts linked on there too that seem to provide a little more info.

While there are some trade-offs, there are some simpler more plug-and-play solutions out there like Snipcart that might also work well for you.

  • wow, thanks — that’s supes helpful
  • if anyone finds any 11ty demos too please let us know
  • i found that one too
  • and it seems to be about the only 11ty-shopify lovechild in all of githubland, which is surprising
  • i love snipcart but the client’s already using, comfortable-with, and requesting shopify

Hey! Totally forgot about this which might interest you!