HEAD requests not proxied (arriving as GET)


We’re trying to utilize the redirection & proxies functionality on our internal project. We were able to hit our API with the requests, but then we’ve encountered a slight problem. For one of the API calls the HEAD method is used. Our client calls the HEAD API call, and we can see in the browser’s network tab that the HEAD method was used. But when we look at the API log, it doesn’t arrive as HEAD request, but rather as a GET. Do we have a configuration issue, or is it expected to change HEAD request to GET? It’s something we can’t change easily. And we did test our API and our client in other ways - the HEAD always worked, so the problem must be somewhere in Netlify proxying.

Best regards, Salsita.


This has been answered in the helpdesk.

Hi everyone,

yes, this has been answered by the helpdesk, but for the sake of other devs which might encounter this, let me just briefly say that currently the Netlify proxy function indeed does convert HEAD requests to GET. We’re working with the Netlify to see if it would make sense to change the behavior and proxy HEAD requests as they are, without the convertion.

Best regards, Salsita.