Having trouble upload a git-lfs file

This file: https://nukley.netlify.com/rmod/clients/Roblox%20Builds.zip Was uploaded via git-lfs to https://github.com/MeatPony/test (A private repo) Which is linked to https://nukley.netlify.com it should be nearly 125MB large, but instead its 133 Bytes and has weird text data inside of it.

The file on Github should be a reference to files stored on Netlify Large Media servers. You can check if the file is successfully uploaded inside “Large Media” tab in your project UI

@Nukley, the answer depends on if you are using GitHub’s LFS service (or some other third-party LFS service) or if the LFS service is Netlify Large Media (NLM).

For any third-party LFS service, please add the following environment variable in the site config at Netlify:


Then trigger a new deploy of the site. This will cause the build system to download the actual file instead of a Git LFS pointer (which match the 133 byte size you mention - the pointers are almost always very close to this size).

If you are using NLM, please let us know and we’ll keep troubleshooting this. Likewise, if there are any questions, reply here anytime and we’ll get back to you soon.