Gzip / Brotli site.webmanifest files

site.webmanifest is a common file to serve from a website, would be great if netlify would gzip/brotli the .webmanifest files

Hi, @jieiku. What is the URL not using compression?

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Actually most of the site is: https://abridge.netlify.app/
(the problem appears to only be the site.webmanifest file)

however, there is a new version of YellowLabTools being developed: Starting to prepare version 3.0.0 by gmetais · Pull Request #386 · YellowLabTools/YellowLabTools · GitHub

If you use this url http://yellowlab.tools:8282/

and enter https://abridge.netlify.app/ as the site to test

then click on Gzip/Brotli compression, you will see it.

You can also view the results from a test I already ran: http://yellowlab.tools:8282/result/gnt8a74029/rule/compression

I think I may have found a solution, simply name the file manifest.json instead of site.webmanifest

Hi, @jieiku. The file being sent is only 724 bytes. Netlify’s ADN sometimes skips compression for files under 2 KB and will almost alway not compress files under 1 KB.

That is the reason no compression is being used. You can see Brotli compression is being used for larger files:

$ curl -H "Accept-Encoding: br, deflate, gzip" -svo /dev/null --stderr - https://abridge.netlify.app/  | egrep '^< content-encoding'
< content-encoding: br

However, for very small files, they will almost never be sent compressed. If there are other questions or concerns, please let us know.

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