Gridsome build fails due to plugin

Hello everyone, I’m running on some odd build error out of blue, my local build is working as expected, however when i try to publish here i keep getting error.

From log i can read its about netlify-plugin-gridsome-cache but I’m not certain if i have installed that on this site since it was long time ago.

However when i try to install that now, I’m getting error to install it.

Any help or idea would be appreciated since this is in production serving 10k ppl per month with info about events.

Website link:
Build Log link: Netlify App

Hi there!

Hard to say what is happening as nobody on our Support team uses gridsome at all. Looking at this logline, it does “smell” kind of like a memory overuse issue:

…since the build looks like it crashes out during that step (which makes for some interesting plugin errors later on).

But let’s start with the basics: can you still build locally? That’s always a good first step in debugging builds:

@fool Hello and thanks for taking time looking into this!

Yes, my local build works without any issues.
What I can show you is that my last successfull build had 521 image which you can see on this link:

I thought maybe cap is on 500 images hence I have deleted some things but still it always stays on 0 %.

One more maybe really important thing is that yeah this smells like memory issue since on my local I had issues before due to low RAM, however I got another 8 GB and solved the issue, because I was getting same error of glib critical.

What is odd in this scenario is that same images I could deploy before on Netlify (which we can see from log provided) and when I did regular build its like its clogged, did Netlify change it’s infrastructure recently, maybe on free tier etc, like anything, since I really haven’t touched code or w/e.

Hey @SupremeSalvatore,

For the unsuccessful one, I see, you hit a limit at 8 GB:

For the successful one, you required only 6 GB:

Not sure what changed, but looks like something has caused that rise. Maybe you can try using Netlify Docker image to see if your site builds successfully consistently at a specific limit.

Hello and thanks for chimming in here.
Well what is odd and already mentioned is that i have deducted even more images, and that my changes were kinda text only when it malfunctioned.

I saw that Netlify changed from Xenial to Focal so maybe that had some connections, but i can even show you in commits history, that there was nothing to cause that spike of ram usage.

Maybe some differente package cause this because it was not fixed or anything like that.

For the time being since its working on my local PC i have created dist repo where i store built files and serve them on Netlify through that however I am ofc not happy with solution but since i have 11k visitors per month and am reliant on updates on website it was the only way.

I dont think there is anything more that i can do to test this, Im affraid i found limitation in Netlify mostly because gridsome is kinda deprecated and that was first bad choice. :smiley:

Maybe i will have to check how cloudflare pages are serving me, if their machines are stronger in future.

Netlify didn’t (yet) “change” from Xenial to Focal - you will need to change on your own; we didn’t enforce any change yet, so unless you changed (and if you did, you can change back on your own :)) that upcoming change is not the cause of anything today.

So I would suggest that next debugging steps are probably the same thing Hrishikesh said - next debugging steps are probably doing some profiling in our docker image. This is how to run it:

It’s my expectation that you’ll find that some version of your dependencies uses much more memory than an earlier version, once you start trying older ones. You can then lock a version in package.json or yarn.lock as mentioned here: Manage build dependencies | Netlify Docs

Perhaps you should also try it without the gridsome cache plugin? That is indeed quite old - not maintained in 2 years as far as I can tell: netlify-plugin-gridsome-cache - npm - but also probably not required to build your site?

To be honest this is too big of a exploration for small gain even if there is at end of tunnel, in the end if I consume too much RAM, there is nothing that can be done about it.
I will continue my workaround like i have mentioned:

  • Build on my local machine
  • version dist file
  • push to github and publish on netlify from that repo

Maybe in future i will rebuild this with Astro or some other framework since i think this is the Gridsome limitation which is kinda dead.

If you want make this solved thread since i wont take any further steps.