Go serverless functions not found


Following the steps in the official docs: (Build functions with Go | Netlify Docs) I’ve added a test hello.go lambda function but when I try to call it I get 404 (function not found). Also it’s not showing in the dashboard under Functions section.

I’ve added the binary in the functions folder and configured in netlify.toml:

  command = "yarn start"

  command = "yarn build && yarn export"
  publish = "out"
  functions = "functions"

# Change this path with the path to your repository

This is the link to my repo: GitHub - oanaOM/blossom: Test

Any suggestion which steps am I missing?


I just checked your repo (didn’t download or try it yet), but your functions/hello file doesn’t have an extension. I don’t use functions in Go and so, I might be wrong, but shouldn’t this have .go extension?


@hrishikesh thanks for checking it out! that one is the binary file of this function: blossom/hello.go at main · oanaOM/blossom · GitHub