"GitHub Commit Checks" not available consistently?

For the Yarn org, one of our sites has the “GitHub Commit Checks” build notification available:

While another does not: It has all the options (including GitHub commit status and GitHub pull request comment) except for the “GitHub commit checks” option.

What controls the availability of this option?


the checks would only be available for sites that are connected to the repo using the GitHub app. If you wanted to share a site ID I could take a look and see if I can advise on either:

  1. getting it connected
  2. letting you know why it can’t be (main reason: github app can only be installed for a given repo in one netlify account, so if you have sites in two accounts…one will always lack that feature)

Thanks for the reply. The site ID is 85057564-01fa-49d4-b898-30acb74ae19e. As far as I can tell, the Netlify app is installed to the right repo (yarnpkg/website)

Can confirm, that site is not correctly attached to the GitHub App, Daniel. The other site in your account (yarn-legacy) has it connected instead. Shall I swap them? Only one site can be connected to a repo that way to get those checks.

Yes please! I don’t think we’re actually using yarn-legacy any more.

I’ve removed the repo from the legacy site (which I think was required to get the “full” connection to the repo setup on the new site). Could you please re-link the repo for the main site (start here: https://app.netlify.com/sites/yarnpkg/settings/deploys#build-settings , hit edit settings, hit the newly exposed “link to a different repository”, and actually link to the same one)? That should hopefully get things reconnected for you.

Thank you! Looks like that did it.

Thank you for confirming, @Daniel15.