Git pull --recurse-submodules command error - Help!

$ git pull --recurse-submodules
Fetching submodule themes/
Could not access submodule ‘assets/vendor/bootstrap’
Errors during submodule fetch:

Could anyone please tell me why this error and how to fix it?

Hi Lawrence,

Not sure how you’d run that - we don’t have git permissions during build. This post has more details:

…Or are you seeing that locally? If so that is a bit beyond what our staff can maybe help you with beyond this guide to using submodules:

Let me know a bit more detail and I’ll try to get you a better answer if I can! If you’re seeing it during a build, though, that first article is “how to handle that situation” though you do need to also configure the submodules correct (as demonstrated in the second article) - but you might link us to your build logs to analyze in place as well if it is during a build and you think you have everything configured correctly.