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Getting Google search console errors on some pages (duplicate)

I have a gatsby website hosted on Netlifty with my custom domain (.dev domain). The domain is managed by netlify dns.

for some reason few days ago, Google search console is sending me errors on indexing issues on some pages that the google bot is trying to access using HTTP not https. The pages should be redirected to https, and these pages work fine in the browser, however googlebot is failing to access the page and is getting a Redirect error.

I haven’t changed anything in my website since the beginning of May, but these errors started showing up suddenly on the 31st of May. I’m not sure whether this error is from the Google search console, or is it from Netlify, or is it from my site robots.txt.

My robots.txt is quite open and generic

User-agent: *
Allow: /
Sitemap: https://myWebsite.dev/sitemap.xml
Host: https://myWebsite.dev

All the pages in the sitemap.xml are listed in https too.

I’d appreciate any advice on how to proceed to fix this properly.

Hi @abbathaw Welcome to the Netlify Forums

I believe you may have the same issue as discussed here


Indeed it is. I will close this and write a comment on there. From the thread over there, I can see this is a bug on Netlify side on some CDN nodes.

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Thanks @coelmay for linking that thread! @abbathaw, please feel free to chime in on the other conversation.

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