Getting errors when building repo

I am trying to build my repository and getting this in the log. Not sure what to do next. Thanks

Hi @quivan96, thanks for the post.

Based on the image is looks like your application is either a React.js or Next.js application.

The typical build settings are as follows:

# React.js

  • Build command: npm run build or yarn build
  • Publish directory: build

# Next.js

  • For apps that use server-side rendering and Next.js Runtime:
    • Build command: next build
    • Publish directory: .next
  • For apps that use static HTML export:
    • Build command: next build && next export
    • Publish directory: out

Kindly let me know the outcome once you follow the suggestions above.



I replied on the other thread, it seems to be working now?

let me know if not!

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