Getting error "Loading module from scores.js” was blocked because of a disallowed MIME type (“text/html”)

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I am deploying my site When I try to go to the /scores.html page the javascript file gets blocked with the error message “Loading module from “” was blocked because of a disallowed MIME type (“text/html”).” I am importing the js file in my scores.html file as :
<script type="module" src="/scores.js"></script>

Does anyone have a remedy for this so I can import my javascript file ok and render page.

Thanks Alan

  • we need to know your netlify site name. Example:
  • DNS issues? Tell us the custom domain, tell us the error message! We can’t help if we don’t know your domain.
  • Build problems? Link or paste the FULL build log & build settings screenshot

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I don’t see any such issue.

/scores.js loads with 200 OK status.

Yes. What I did was move scores.js into the /Public directory were I had the scores.html file located. Thanks.

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