Getting "Deploy failed" due to failed to upload file

Hi, I am trying to deploy some 10.000 html-pages to netlify with hooks on every push to a specific branch. In other words, we are not building anything. Netlify should take all html-pages we have in the github repository, upload an publish them. I have seen some other posts where environment variables can be causing deployment failures, but we are not using that netiher.

Sometimes, the deploy failes due to “Failed to upload file” and the error message we are given are:

4:23:40 PM: Failed to upload file: &{Name:p/Y680099/index.html Sum:f8cb3829fab3aa3bab11a5225687dd5e1811421b Runtime: Size: Path:/opt/build/repo/p/Y680099/index.html Buffer:}
4:23:41 PM: Failed to upload file: &{Name:p/Z000081/index.html Sum:f11275acd740d1a82b1c56260d6100fd619da3b2 Runtime: Size: Path:/opt/build/repo/p/Z000081/index.html Buffer:}
4:23:41 PM: Failing build: Failed to deploy site
4:23:41 PM: failed during stage ‘deploying site’: Failed to execute deploy: Upload cancelled: p/Z000081/index.html
4:23:41 PM: Finished processing build request in 11m19.796083075s

What is causing the error and what exactly does the error message mean?

Thank you!

Howdy - is there any chance that you have two identical files (by checksum) in this deploy? That would cause a problem uploading the second one if so.

Hi, thank you for helping me!

Technically there shouldn’t be any files that are identical since every file have data that are specific for that file. One example is the product number, which is unique. So then the files should get different checksums right?

Could there be other issues causing this error message?

@fannychan can you please link us to one of your deploys that’s failing with this error? Thanks!