Failed To Deploy Site - problems with git repo

Works fine on my machine, but wont deploy properly. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

hi @scclark85 - please post any error messages/logs you are seeing, as well as an overview of what you have already tried, and what that did or didn’t accomplish. thanks!

Looks like you are missing the ‘./pages/Home’ folder. Make sure that everything is git pushed into your repo :smiley:

4:14:55 PM: Failed to compile.
4:14:55 PM: ./src/App.js
4:14:55 PM: Cannot find file './pages/Home' in './src'.
4:14:55 PM: error Command failed with exit code 1.

Alternatively you can deploy directly from your machine with the netlify-cli

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Thanks, David. This was why I’m confused because it is in my repo, and is working directly on my machine using build. I will check out the netlify-cli. Thanks again!

You were right. It was in my git file, but did not update properly when I pushed. All is fixed, thank you!

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