GET Request works in Localhost but fails to get correct URL in Netlify

Website name: glittery-gelato-aa8769

I have deployed my Vite + Vue3 BitBucket project to Netlify but I am having a problem making an API call.
Instead of sending a request to my api (e.g. It’s sending it through Netlify (e.g.

I have tried creating a _redirect file with no luck and I don’t seem to have a netlify.toml file anywhere within the repo. I am getting a 404 response with the URL going to Netlify instead of my API. This works perfectly fine on localhost with my Vite config file handling the proxy.


How can I make it so this doesn’t happen? Thank you.

Hi @nls_dylan

What is the contents of the _redirects file, and where is it in the repository? Does it look something like

/api     200

This file needs to reside in the publish directory for Netlify to dectect and process it.

If you prefer to use a netlify.toml, create one at the root of the repository. See

The contents of the file are:
/api 200

It is in the root folder of my BitBucket project. App.vue is hosted in ./src
I am using yarn build in Netlify.

As I mentioned, and as stated in the documentation, the _redirects file needs to go into the publish directory. If you are using a Vue project, put it in the public directory so it is copied to the publish directory during build.