Geo redirects stop working when adding a french 404 redirect

We have a website which serves different pages according to visitor’s country. We dynamically build the _redirects file on everybuild and it outputs hundreds of rules like the following:

/projects/greens-corners/ /projects/greens-corners/ug2.html 200 Country=fr
/fr/projects/greens-corners/ /fr/projects/greens-corners/ug2.html 200 Country=fr
/fr/investors/ /fr/investors/ug2.html 200 Country=fr
/investors/ /investors/ug2.html 200 Country=fr

As the site is multilingual, we recently tried to add a extra rule to handle a french 404:

/fr/* /fr/404.html 404

But as soon as we include this rule (before or after geo rules), then all geo redirection rules immediately stops working.

Any idea what could be causing this?

Sorry to be slow to get back to you, Regis! I think maybe you got this resolved as part of your other thread? Let me know if not!

Mmm possibly yes, did not try to add that back in. Will for sure.

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i am going to close this thread so we can focus in one place. if you still need help, please post in the other one :slight_smile: