Gatsby website - subpages don't load when navigated via direct url


I’ve got a problem regarding a wesbite built with Gatsby.js.
Here is the link to the development preview Włoski od zera

There is a problem when I navigate directly to the article or lesson page. Content and styles for this page aren’t fully loaded then. On the other hand, when I navigate there just by clicking its link on the homepage, it works perfectly fine. It is really painful because when my friend (owner of the website) shares an article in the social media people can’t see fully styled content of the article.

The website uses Gatsby v3 and DatoCMS for sourcing articles and lessons. The same situation happens when I build it locally and directly paste link to the article page Article Example (in incognito mode).

I attach a screenshot showing how the article looks like when I copy paste its link to the incognito tab of the browser and navigate there “directly”.

If you could point me in the right direction, I’d be really grateful. If you need anymore information, let me know please.


hi there, can you check if this is applicable to your situation?

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Hi, I’ve just added _redirects file and it looks like it works like charm! Awesome, Perry, thank you very much.

If anyone has a similar problem I’ve changed also 2 things:

  • in my article layout file I’ve changed my paragraph styled component from styled.p to styled.div, because content coming from DatoCMS already had p tags in it and I didn’t want to nest p inside p.
  • I’ve applied the same thing to the lesson layout file.
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Thank you so much for following up with that information, @KubaC ! Knowledge sharing is part of what keep the Forums great :netliconfetti:

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