Gatsby-plugin-mdx MDXRenderer replacement

Per your documentation the replacement of MDXRenderer for page templates is to get the rendered component through children: gatsby-plugin-mdx | Gatsby

How about component using useStaticQuery? All I want is to query all the rendered components so I can arrange myself.

For example something like this:

const BlogComponent = () => {
  const data = blogQuery();
  return (
      { => (
        <article key={}>
          <p>Posted: {node.frontmatter?.date}</p>

export const blogQuery: () => Queries.BlogComponentQuery = () => useStaticQuery(graphql`
  query BlogComponent {
    allMdx(sort: { frontmatter: { date: DESC }}) {
      nodes {
        frontmatter {
          date(formatString: "YYYY-MM-D")

export default BlogComponent

What exactly is your question? Are you having some error or issues?

The question is, this used to be possible before you deprecated MDXRenderer, now that it’s gone, how do we achieve the same?

hey Cody! Can you share the errors/warnings you see when running the above? using <MDXRenderer>{node.body}</MDXRenderer>? can you also share your gatsby & gatsby-plugin-mdx versions?

    "gatsby": "^5.11.0",
    "gatsby-plugin-mdx": "^5.11.0",

I couldn’t run it because MDXRenderer doesn’t exist, I’m just using it to showcase what I would’ve done if it were. I only found out about its existence after researching online, question is, how do I achieve the same since its removal? Or otherwise, is it dev’s intention to remove support for use case like this, versus an unintended regression?

Thanks for following up! You’re correct, unfortunately in that use cases such as yours aren’t currently supported in the new version of gatsby-plugin-mdx. While our Frameworks team is aware of this limitation, we don’t currently have any plans to introduce support. You’ll see similar questions in the discussion here: Render multiple mdx file into a single page · gatsbyjs/gatsby · Discussion #37301 · GitHub. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience there! If this is required for your project, I’d recommend using the previous version of gatsby-plugin-mdx with support for the component.

Thanks for the clarification.