[Gatsby] Deployed page that takes url path parameter shows 404 not found

First of all, I would like to create a page that takes the url paramter (e.g. /test/hell, which test is the page and hell is the parameter).

Therefore I created a page that takes the parameter and show it on the title (Example, with the added page link at the bottom), based on the Gatsby getting started project. It seems working.

But when I open the /test/hell page on the browser Webapge on the browser, it first pops up the 404 page and then flash back to the correct content (please refresh the page to see the 404 page). The 404 page is not what I expected so I am not sure if how to get this fixed. Also this problem is not being observed when I run Netlify/Gatsby locally.

This is the test page commit and this is the only commit that I made. I am not sure how to get ride of the 404 page being displayed.

The problem is solved by installing gatsby-plugin-netlify plugin. It would help setup the gatsby redirect to Netlify redirect.

Thanks for posting your solution here, it’s super helpful for others who may run into the same issue :muscle:

In addition, I would like to show what happened during a refresh.

When the page is being reloaded, the 404 Page (NOT FOUND) will be seen first before the actual page.