Gatsby API function: Server Time is not synchronized

Server is out of sync with time.

Current server time is {“time”:“2023-06-28T00:48:24.810Z”} at time of posting. I have ~2023-07-11T15:52:54.804Z everywhere else.

Is there a way to force time sync?

Hey Daniel,

Thanks for writing in! Can you send us the links to the function logs so we can take a closer look?

Thank you for your reply.

You can call the actual function for

to see the date/time output.

Thanks for following up! I’m opening a ticket in the Gatsby Helpdesk so we can take a closer look. Keep an eye out for an email!

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Hi @marcus.little, just following up as I haven’t heard from you folks.


Hey Daniel!

We sent an email on Jul 13th to the Gatsby Cloud workspace owner for the above sites, at Can you let me know if there is a better contact?