Gatsby 5 upgrade error

API ID 28b292cc-063e-4f62-a3d5-230ccafb0de1

Base directory Not set
Build command npm run build
Publish directory public
Build status Active

I’m upgrading a client’s site from Gatsby 4 to Gatsby 5.
I’ve upgraded all packages to the most recent versions.

I had no errors prior to the update.

I’m getting a build error on Netlify that I do not get in my local environment.

I’ve added NODE_VERSION as an environment variable to use v18.12.1

I added gatsby-plugin-netlify but that didn’t help.

Any ideas?

Build settings:

Deploy Log:

Solution here:

But, Gatsby 5 won’t work on Netlify at the moment, at least not if you’re planning to use any of the SSR, DSG routes. If you’re planning to use just a static export, you should remove the Gatsby plugin that will probably be auto-installed.

The problem is that, our build system currently does not support build plugins with Node 18 and Gatsby 5 doesn’t support Node 16. For SSR and DSG routes, you would need the Netlify <-> Gatsby build plugin.

I appreciate your prompt response. I’ll revert until such time as you are able to support Gatsby 5.

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Thanks for letting us know! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any additional questions.

Hi, I have the same situation. I upgraded my project from Gatsby 4 to Gatsby 5 and the build fails.

I would like to know if there are plans that Gatsby 5 would be supported in Netlify. Thanks

Node 18 support in builds is currently being tested on random accounts and should be rolled out to everyone soon. That should allow Gatsby 5 support.


Can I volunteer my account for this? :slight_smile: This is really a big deal of a blocker as it’s not just Gatsby 5 this affects but also the latest 4.x

Where should one go to receive updates on when this is rolled out?

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When? Keep me posted, please

Sure. Could you share the site name?

Considering this thread is gathering enough attention, I think we would try to post an update here. But other than that, I don’t think we have any “plans” as such to announce this. Node 18 support end up being a silent update, but chances are, we would publish a blog post for Gatsby 5 support.

that would be appreciated.

npm remove @netlify/plugin-gatsby works here

@hrishikesh I would love to know if Node 18 + Gatsby 5 support in Netlify.

Also would like to know if removing @netlify/plugin-gatsby would help the build, as mentioned by @DomingosLed . Thanks

Hey @winstonma ! It looks like both Gatsby plugins now have support for Gatsby v5. You can see the latest releases here:

If you update these on your site(s) and are still seeing an issue, please let us know!

Thanks @amelia

Just one thing I would like to ask. I saw that there are two plugins and I am using gatsby-plugin-netlify now. I would like to know when should I use the second plugin? Thanks

These docs should clear up any confusion, based on your use case:

Please let me know if not!