Gastby build failing - webpack error

Hi, I have a gastby site that is building and running locally (tested in 2 different PCs, removing cache), but is failing in the netlify pipeline:

7:34:55 PM: error Building static HTML failed for path "/cursos/int2/"
7:34:55 PM:   14 |     return (
7:34:55 PM:   15 |       <Layout>
7:34:55 PM: > 16 |             <SEO title={} />
7:34:55 PM:      |                                                    ^
7:34:55 PM:   17 |             <h1>{}</h1>
7:34:55 PM:   18 |             <p>{}</p>
7:34:55 PM:   19 |       </Layout>
7:34:55 PM: 
7:34:55 PM:   WebpackError: TypeError: Cannot read property 'nome' of null
7:34:55 PM:   
7:34:55 PM:   - curso.js:16 CursoTemplate.render
7:34:55 PM:     src/templates/curso.js:16:52

Github repo:

the error is inconsistent :confused: Take a look, the same commit was succesfuly deployed and when I tried again, it fails:

Gah, that’s frustrating. Did this fail after a particular commit? That could help us narrow the scope a bit- because when I use the “Deploy to Netlify” button at the bottom of that repo, the site does build and deploy for me.

One other initial thought is your error Building static HTML failed for path "/cursos/int2/"- is it possible that that path is incorrect? It looks like your file structure is src/data/cursos/interpretacao2.json

Last thing: could you please send a link to your site as well as a link to your full failed deploy log? That’ll help us troubleshoot further. Thanks!