Function file size too large / deploy timeout

So, this is more of a general question/issue. I have a netlify site that has a fairly large function. When built, it’s 14mb. It’s a single graphql endpoint and just has a lot inside it. It seems netlify often has issues uploading it via the netlify cli.

When deploying via github, so that netlify builds it itself, the issue becomes my frontend because I’m code splitting the files and I’ve seen discussions about how this can increase bundling times quite a bit. In my case, I’ve given up using this deploy method because it almost always times out because bundling takes longer than 15 min.

Do you have any suggestions for solutions to either of the deployment issues I have? I realize I could break my graphql apart into multiple endpoints or use apollo federation or the like, but is there anything deployment related that could help with these issues?

Thanks for any ideas.

Hey @Vednus,

We can increase your build timeout if that’s going to fix your error.

About 14 MB function size, it’s not a lot. The max size is about 50 to 52 MB. What kind of an error do you get?