Frequent outages but status page doesn't reflect an outage

We are running a Nextjs-based customer site on Netlify at the Pro plan level. We use UptimeRobot (free level that checks for uptime every 5 minutes) for monitoring the test and production sites. We see frequent alerts from UptimeRobot for short outages, typically just 5 minutes which is the interval at which UptimeRobot is checking. So, odds are that the Netlify-based sites go down for a very short amount of time, and are back.

However when I check the Netlify status page, I don’t see any mention of these outages. I have searched the forums and see other Netlify customers running into similar situations, and I have read posts from Netlify saying that you believe in a culture of transparency. Frankly, that assertion of transparency does not gel with our experience and that is disconcerting. I would suggest that Netlify improve its transparency on the status page.

Here is a screenshot of outage notification emails from UptimeRobot - I have deleted a bunch of them - so this list is not complete but if you check the Netlify status page, you will not find outages on many of these dates. And to be explicit, we do NOT do anything to fix the issue on our end - it automagically gets resolved.

We’ve been experiencing the same thing, lots of health monitoring alerts in all regions, nothing reported on Netlify status page.

Are you using edge functions? It seems like every outage is Edge Function related.

Yes, we are using next.js SSR, which underneath the covers, I believe uses Edge functions.

Hey folks, just wanted to make sure you saw this post from our product manager in charge of Edge Functions: Site going down every 10 minutes - #56 by joey , since it is relevant to the conversation here.

Soooo, I saw the article that you reference that says that Edge Functions are in beta and not stable. However, that does not jive with your marketing information on Deploy Next.js Sites and Apps - Starter Templates & Resources | Netlify where it says that Netlify supports “Edge API Routes and server-side rendering (SSR) with Edge Functions”. Something has to give here!

Hi @vagarwal - you’re right!

That page you’ve screenshotted definitely does need an update to point out the beta status - and so do a few others; thanks so much for letting us know! We’ll working to get it updated as soon as we can - the Product Manager for our CDN is leading this effort, and it may be a few weeks until you see the changes published. Why’s that? We have to work with several teams on a larger update across all of our docs and codebases, which this will be part of.

Please let me know if I can answer any other questions for you.