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Formatted code block not redering in markdown file

Hi my website is hosted at www.thelazylearner.in through netlify. Currently i am hosting a hugo based website here. I have markdown code for all my posts. Now the issue is that, within my local setup whenever i write a formatted code block i can see that the code block is formatted properly but when the same code is deployed to netlify i see that the formatting goes away, andjust a plain code block is rendered through netlify.
here’s what i do to format in my markdown pages:

def foo:


Could we see the live website and the source that’s causing this?

Hi @hrishikesh the website is actually: https://www.thelazylearner.in/
and the live source is : PRPRIESLER/pinaki.github.io
the issue is in pinaki.github.io/DCGAN.md at main · PRPRIESLER/pinaki.github.io
where you can see even in the github page that it is working there but after deployment its not working in DCGAN · The Lazy Learner

Could you try using a never Hugo version by adding an environment variable with the name HUGO_VERSION and value as 0.85.0?

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You mean a server right? and within netlify you want me to add the env var HUGO_VERSION? or in the local setup?

Yes, on the server (within the Netlify UI).

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Oh That worked. Thanks a lot.