Form submission email notifications coming back empty

Re: Site

I am unsuccessfully trying to use Netlify’s Forms functionality. In site settings, I have asked to be notified via email. I am getting email notifications, but the email body is blank (null). Both of the attempts below yield an email with no content:

form id=“contact” action="" method=“post” data-netlify=“true”>

For the first attempt, I just added the data-netlify parameter to an exising form. However it feels like my second attempt “looks more correct” to me.

Any idea if the issue is my syntax, or is it possibly something else?

Thanks :slight_smile:

hi there, this is always the first place to start:

does this help?

thanks, I’lll have a look when I get a chance, hopefully in the next few days. I’ll chime back in if the link or more research comes up blank.

Hi - thanks for the excellent link. Problem solved!