Form Notification ( 2 forms in 2 pages)

Hello there, i am new in the field and i need help with the form please!

I have 2 index pages, one eng version and spanish version that its a copy but in another language.

The Form works perfect in the english version, not in the Spanish, although the Netlify app knows that there is a Form installed on it.

How can i solve it?

Welcome to the forums @elsimater

It appears the form name is the same for the English and Spanish version. Following [Support Guide] Form problems, form debugging, 404 when submitting

The name in the opening <form> tag needs to be unique on your site. You can reuse it on other sites.

I believe if you change the name value of the Spanish form (perhaps to contacto) both forms should get picked up by Netlify and work.


Hello Coelmay, thank you for your help!
I made the changes on the form names, i tried both of them and i only get a notification on my email from the one in the english version!

To much to ask, to try the spanish version?

Are the submissions verified or marked as spam? You only get notified of verified submissions.

I made a identical submissions on the English and Spanish versions.

Also note that visiting when not in Spain results in a 404 instead of redirecting to the English site.

Hello Coelmay, i only got one submission asa you can see in the pictures:

The second picture it’s form the spanish deployment:

Thank you for the tip on the redirect, i will look into it right now!

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Hello there, I have still the same problem.
I’ll try to explain:
1 Github repo with 2 branches for two different deploys in Netlify for .com and .es
I have two one form for each version but with a different name.
I can see the two form on the .com version and i can receive notification if used.
In the .es version, Netlify detect the form, with a message that says “waiting for submissions” but when i try there is no action at all, i got 0 notification.
Can someone help!
Thank you

Hi @elsimater,

When I checked now, I can see that your form contacto has received a submission 2 days ago. Has this resolved?

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Hello Hrishikesh, thank you to checking in!
I made a completely new version for the website, with a different repo, now everything works!