Form 404 - Static Form in Svelte / Sapper

I copied the form sample from and put it as a static form in a Svelte page (accessible from )

I dragged-and-dropped the Export site in Netlify to deploy

The form seems recognized as I can see it in my site Forms list, yet I can’t receive any submission, and submitting gives a “Page Not Found” error.

Hey @Marotte,
It looks like you have a service worker set up on that page (maybe through Sapper?) that might be interfering with completing the form submission. Would it be possible to remove that and try submitting again?

Thanks, Jen.
I’m indeed using Sapper. Now I need to figure out how to remove that service worker!

is this helpful at all?

Thanks, Perry.
Yes, I disable the events catcher, and now it’s working great.

Netlify is amazing, by the way!

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great! thanks for the kind words :bowing_man: