Forcing build with monorepo when no changes are made

Really happy with the monorepo support at the moment, working really well :+1:

There’s one thing that we do on one of our sites though that’s caused a small problem. A lot of our content comes from external sources, and so typically once or twice a day we trigger a new build because the content has been updated.

But now with monorepo support, they are cancelling themselves because no changes are made.

Is there a way to ‘force’ a build (but not a clear cache) through, even though no changes have been made? Would be happy do this through the API if not possible in the GUI yet.

I hope we’ll get this fixed fast. I’m trying to solve this internally

In the meantime I’d recommend creating a build webhook in Settings -> Build & Deploy -> Build hooks that you can trigger.
Those builds will never be ignored/cancelled.


Ah super that’s a fine solution for now.

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