Font size and width of images changes problem!

I’ve got a real bad issue on my site, that is my font sizes and width of images changes into different than my local page. Help me to fix this problem!

@mithat552 Perhaps you could post some screen shots showing what the problem is. Most of us are not going to have any idea if there’s something wrong by looking only at your existing site.

For what it’s worth, your front page loaded with no errors, so there are no missing assets.

Could the issue you are seeing be due to local caching? Have you tried opening your site in a new private / incognito window?

Yes i’ve tired and still the same issue!

left one is my local and right side one is on my website.font-sizes are different.

@mithat552 Have you downloaded your deploy files to see where the differences are?

Hi, @mithat552, I do see this site is a manual deploy with no build process.

No asset optimization is enabled so the files should be served exactly “as is”. No changes should be occurring. However, “no changes should be occurring” isn’t the same as “no changes are occurring”.

However, if something is changing, I don’t have any way to see this myself.

I can only see the deployed site at Netlify. I cannot see your local files so am not able to make any comparison or research this.

To research this I need access to both versions. Would you be willing to send us a copy of the local site being deployed? You might post this as a link here or, if needed, we can email you directly so you can send the information privately. ​Please let us know which method you would prefer (that is, if you are willing to send us a copy of the local site).

​Please let us know if there are other questions for us and we look forward to finding the root cause.