Firebase Fatal error while running the app

I have make a deployment on Netlify today. The website link is :
Here, the issue I got is
Uncaught Error: FIREBASE FATAL ERROR: Cannot parse Firebase url. Please use
at Pn (index-CFw7N3B7.js:1786:865)
at Fg (index-CFw7N3B7.js:2644:655)
at QO (index-CFw7N3B7.js:2674:614)
at qr.instanceFactory (index-CFw7N3B7.js:2689:198)
at H1.getOrInitializeService (index-CFw7N3B7.js:361:2810)
at H1.getImmediate (index-CFw7N3B7.js:361:730)
at eA (index-CFw7N3B7.js:2674:2053)
at index-CFw7N3B7.js:2689:858

I did all the firebase configuation according to the firebase docs. I also store all the environment variable while deploying the site. So, In this situation What should I do??

Did you try to redeploy?