File Location for banner title text(A probably silly question from a new learner)


I hope whoever finds this is doing well.

I have probably the silliest question you’ll see in a long time. I’m a new learner, please be kind.

I can find every thing else so far to toy around with. Just this one banner title itself is giving me issues finding.
Also maybe if there is a easy way to track something like that down that I don’t know about?
Excuse my ignorance, I’m just learning.

Thanks for looking & any help at all, Be well!

Hi @RTXAcog,

I’m not sure what the question is here. Do you mean find the banner title as in the code of the site? Do you have the source code? Something like Find across files should help.

In any case, I’m afraid this is not a Netlify-specific question and we cannot be of much assistance.

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Thank your for the tip! Yes I meant I am having issues finding the specific file/ line of code where that would be changed.

This is from one of the Netlify templates available. GitHub - netlify-templates/gatsby-ecommerce-theme: A Gatsby-based starter theme with e-commerce styled components.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask. Thanks for your time & the tip!

It’s stored as an SVG file here: