Failing build react application with yarn

I get build failed for my react application with this configuration : yarn run demo and Publish directory : Dist, here are logs :

    $ eslint src demo
    4:58:15 PM: Oops! Something went wrong! :(
    4:58:15 PM: ESLint: 4.19.1.
    4:58:15 PM: ESLint couldn't find a configuration file. To set up a configuration file for this project, please run:
    4:58:15 PM: eslint --init
    4:58:15 PM: ESLint looked for configuration files in /opt/build/repo/src/components and its ancestors. If it found none, it then looked in your home directory.
    4:58:15 PM: If you think you already have a configuration file or if you need more help, please stop by the ESLint chat room:
    4:58:15 PM: error Command failed with exit code 1.

How can I configure Build command and Publish directory ?

Thanks for any help.

hi there,

this post is a great place to start when debugging build issues:

if you still aren’t able to figure it out, let us know. It might be helpful for us to see your package.json file