Failed to Load Resource Errors in Netlify CMS Admin Panel

I just finished integrating Netlify CMS with my React Static site and everything seems to be working great except for two similar errors I’m getting in the developer console. I’m concerned there’s something I’m missing.

/.netlify/git/github/contents/.lfsconfig?ts=1558035625554&ref=master:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

/.netlify/git/github/contents/.gitattributes?ts=1558035625554&ref=master:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 ()

I can attach some of the code from my project here if needed but I was just looking to see if anyone had a general idea of where this error might be coming from. I’ve followed the documentation pretty closely so I’ve run out of my own ideas. Thanks!

Hi, do you have a link to the site that’s giving you trouble? We can take a look at that and see if we notice anything odd. Also make sure that the user you used to generate the git token has admin writes on the repo that’s backing the site.

@Robp773 @futuregerald Nothing actually wrong, that’s the CMS looking for Git LFS / Netlify Large media settings. Since you’re not using Large Media, it throws an error for not finding any settings. Admittedly throwing an error is not a very graceful way of handling the process, this issue has been discussed a while back with @benaiah.

Sure the link is

I can also confirm my account has write permission. Thanks

Ok thanks for the info!

Yep, these are expected 404s - there’s an issue for better indicating this in the console:, feel free to thumb it up!

Thanks @erquhart, couldn’t find that issue :sweat_smile: