Fail during deploy: npm run build

I need advice to debug deploy

Hi, @Cledimir, and welcome to the community site. :+1:

That deploy and site no longer exist. If there is another deploy you want us to troubleshoot, please let us know.

Hi Luke,
I excluded that project. I found that the error was importing JSON files.
However, now I am trying to fetch JSON data from a url. No error is returning, but the data is not displayed. I still don’t understand what’s going wrong. It work in localhost.

Hi, @Cledimir, I’m seeing the 404s for that site for the two URLs below:

Those two URLs are looking for these deployed files:


However, if you download the deployed files, these are all the files in the current deploy:


You can download the deploy on the deploy details page with but button shown in the screenshot below:


If you want those files to be published, they will need to be copied to the publish directory before the build is finished. Does your site build do that?

Hello Luke!
Forgive me for the inconvenience!
I had deleted the repository but I created it again.
My difficulty is in reading the data coming from JSON from:
Observe the attached images. Localhost can access data, on Netlify I still can’t …
Thank you very much for your attention!

Cledimir C. Silva

can you post a link to the live site please?

Hello, the link is:

Tank u!


hi there, you have some incorrect paths in your code, which is why the file won’t load.

Hi there, problem solved!
tank you!

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