Extend SSL certificate to new branch sub-domain

Hi @ajz003,

I believe the issue is that the primary domain is www.lumilumi.vision on the site. You’ll want to make the bare domain (lumilumi.vision) the primary domain if you want the subdomain to be
staging.lumilumi.vision instead of staging.www.lumilumi.vision. After making the change, please let us know.

This is mentioned in the linked Support Guide here:

  1. the subdomain will be under the primary custom domain

This second point means that if your primary custom domain is www.example.com then the subdomain will be branch-name.www.example.com and not branch-name.example.com.

Here is an example scenario:

  • the custom domain is www.example.com
  • the branch name is branch-name
  • the branch should be served at https://branch-name.www.example.com/
  • the TTL value (time to live value - more below) will be 3600 seconds which is one hour
  • the sub-domain at Netlify is happy-scientist-123456 (meaning the Netlify URL for the master branch is https://happy-scientist-123456.netlify.app/)

With the values above defined for this example, the DNS record you create would look like so:

branch-name.www 3600 IN CNAME branch-name--happy-scientist-123456.netlify.app.

The format above is required and no other naming conventions will work. The key points for the DNS record are:

  • There should be two dashes between branch-name and happy-scientist-123456.
  • The record should be the type CNAME.
  • The branch name must match the sub-domain you want exactly. If your branch is called staging your sub-domain cannot be stage.www.example.com. It must be staging.www.example.com.
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