Express function toml error 404

Hello and thank you

I want to set up a small backend for nodemailer with express and node js

So far so good, the functions are loaded but I don’t understand why I always get 404 errors for all requests…

Here is my code:

all my requests on or are 404

Thanks you :smiley:

@ThomasGwcs There’s no node.js server hosting with Netlify, see the following for clarification:

The Serverless Function documentation is here:

Hello and thank you very much for your response

I found the solution shortly after, I deleted the toml file

external_node_modules = [“express”]
node_bundler = “esbuild”
strength = true
from = “/api/*”
status = 200
to = “/.netlify/functions/api/:splat”

and I replaced it with simply:


Requests now work on the address

I don’t know why the first toml file didn’t want to take the route into account… At least now it works