Exit Code 128 - host key verification failed

Having an issue deploying a build due to not being able to read remote Github repository.
Have deployed this same site from same repository countless times and now having an issue.
Reconfigured the Netlify GitHub app and re-linked the repository to the site, should be no issues with permissions yet still getting this error.

Thanks in advance.

Site id: 05c5142f-d5e1-4d3d-a2b3-708c06029f38
Domain: https://shade-redemption.netlify.app

Hiya @znasgo ! This is indeed how our system is built. Please check out this support guide our staff wrote about how you can access private repositories within our build environment, since by default, we intentionally drop those permissions before your build starts:

A way you could potentially workaround this - since this is happening before your build command starts up (while we are attempting to install dependencies for you) is to instead use a submodule for this dependency. We do automatically clone submodules (using git submodule update -f --init once we’ve cloned your primary project) while we still have your git permissions. Those permissions are dropped immediately after cloning/fetching/submodule’ing, before we start installing deps.

Thanks for the response, for some reason it was having an issue getting permission for a package I downloaded using npm. Uninstalled it and now it works.

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Thanks for coming back and letting us know! Happy building!