Essential Next.js plugin has disappeared from the integration list

I am using the Essential Next.js plugin and I would like to change the version of this plugin through the Netlify UI.
But the plugins page redirects me to a new page called Integration and on this page I do not find this plugin.
So how can I find it?

Check this out:

Thank you. So the only way is to manually install it with npm and add a netlify.toml file ? However, it says that it’s recommended to use the ui.

There’s a link there: Netlify App

Yes but the plugin has been already installed with Netlify UI on the website.
I can’t reinstall it by using this link and i can’t find the plugins page to update the version. It has been replaced by the integration tab and the plugin is missing on this tab.

There should be an option to upgrade the version, but if it’s not, feel free to install from npm.